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Fabric Circular Sample Cutter




Product Information:

Fabric Circular Sample Cutter Application Scope:
For sampling a variety of fabrics, paper and non-woven materials such as quasi-circular sample, which can be cut circular sample all kinds of wool, cotton, chemical fiber, knitting fabric. Used in the textile, paper, packaging, testing and scientific research industries.
Fabric Circular Sample Cutter product details:
Manual CD-like sheath includes a 60 × 45cm cutting mat-like, yellow rotary cutter (with a spare blade and a straight knife (with spare rapid cutter and a spare blade).
Fabric Circular Sample Cutter Features:
1. textile fabrics, paper, cardboard and other items dedicated sampling unit of weight of the appliance;
2. Aluminum alloy material, thickness adjustable, cork mat to protect the blade not easy to damage;
3. The sample size has a wide range, high precision, easy operation;
4. Round cut sampler suitable 100cm2 × 5mm thick cutting thickness;
5. With a cutting pad and four spare blades.
Fabric Circular Sample Cutter Instructions:
The sample will be cut in the rubber tile mat fabric, the fabric on the sampler disc, pull out the sampler on the locking device, rotated about 90 degrees, hand held onto the jacket in one hand and hold the corrugated hand wheel, and exert a certain pressure, and then hand wheel clockwise wave (angle greater than 90 degrees), then the circle and cut the sample
Immediately locking device after using the sampler, rotate to its original position, the blade is not exposed, so as not to hurt the hand and other items.
Fabric Circular Sample Cutter Structure and Adjustment:
Double blade cutter blade to a total of four, the circular external four equal parts, the blade can be replaced, the specific operation is: Loosen the Phillips screws (four screws on each piece), remove the blade plate and sampling blade change a new blade, the pressure on the blade plate, note the blade clockwise tangential port, and make four incisions in the same plane, and then tighten the cross screw
Instrument has ruled the bottom notch, for fixed samples, easy to cut, to prevent sample slippage.
Fabric Circular Sample Cutter Precautions:
1. The instrument is with sharp blade edge, not put your hand on the bottom, in order to avoid damage.
2. The instrument should be cut to take the rubber mat samples, wipe clean the instrument when it is not in operation, on the meter box to avoid damage.
Fabric Circular Sample Cutter Technical Parameters:
1. Sampling area: 100cm2;
2. Maximum cutting thickness: 5mm;
3. Dimensions: 160 × 160 × 110mm;
4. Weight: 2kg. 

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